Next Steps: Clients who registered for Free only, please follow these two steps. Register again on this page first. Then sign-in to your account on this page and leave a comment below . Clients who submitted a formal application, please click the "read more" link and enter your password on the next page (sent to you via email). Then, we will contact you within 24 hours with your personal EDL account access information via email. Also you may leave a comment below at any time if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to help, if we ...

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Comment from EDL:

2 steps: You must register first . Then second, you may sign into your account leave a question or comment

Yes, clients who registered for free only, will be able to contact EDL staff. However they will not get a personal page or receive priority support. Nor will they be able to see their account points or gain resources. 

For formal application clients, all Information and details about access will be sent to you via email (passwords, user ID's, etc...). 

Yes, you may also become an EDL member with enough points and engagement.

Communications will be via the comment section or email.

* Most comments will Not be displayed.* Usually register for free client questions will be answered via email.* 

Please check your inbox or junk mail for messages.

Please leave your questions or comments below!

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